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DeVan Hankerson

DeVan Hankerson
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36 years old
Birthday ᎤᏃᎸᏔᏅ 24, 1982
Arlington, VA
  • General Info

  • Basketball

  • Cycling

  • Fitness

  • Lacrosse

  • Pilates

  • Swimming

  • Tennis

  • Water Polo

Devan's Sport Interests

Skill Level Type
 Advanced Competitive Basketball Player , Former Basketball Player, Basketball Fan 
 Beginner Beginning Cyclist, Mountain Biker, Road Cyclist 
 Intermediate I exercise to lose weight, I exercise to maintain my health, I exercise to increase performance in my sport, I exercise to gain muscle, I exercise for the mind/body connection 
 New Beginning Lacrosse player 
 New I practice Pilates to lose weight, I practice Pilates to maintain my health, I practice Pilates to increase my performance in my sport, I practice Pilates to gain muscle, I practice Pilates for mind/body, I want to start taking Pilates classes 
 Intermediate Competitive Swimmer, Fitness Lap Swimmer, Fitness Water Aerobics, Recreational Swimmer, Therapeutic Swimmer, Swimming Fan 
 Intermediate Recreational player 
 New Beginning Water Polo Player 

Devan's Profile

Height 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
Handedness Right handed
Body Type Average
Education Masters Degree
Occupation Student
Diet Generally healthy diet
Fitness Activity I engage in fitness activities several times a week
Languages Arabic, English

Devan's Education

High School Central Park East Secondary School
Graduated in 2000
College Vassar College
Attended as an Undergraduate
Psychology Degree
Graduated in 2006

Monterey Institute of International Studies
Attended as a Graduate Student
MA International Trade Policy Degree
Graduated in 2010

Devan's Listings

Swimming Pools

Devan's Recent Status Updates

DeVan Hankerson
DeVan Hankerson heading to sleep after doing the most amazing 30 min workout in the pool. (will post)
8 years ago   
DeVan Hankerson
DeVan Hankerson Just found a new pool! Super excited... Anyone in Dubai?
8 years ago   
DeVan Hankerson
DeVan Hankerson Headed to the pool.
9 years ago